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For many singletons, the idea of procreating with a fling is high on the list of toe-curling nightmares.

But now one woman has come up with a solution of sorts and suggested dads be able to opt-out of parenting from the get-go.

The unusual take on parenting came after her friend became pregnant to a casual sexual partner who made it clear early on he wanted nothing to do with the baby.

This distant stance continued until the child reached toddlerhood when he suddenly displayed interest in being a dad – much to the confusion of his former flame.

Change of heart

“He wasn’t around and didn’t help out for the first couple of years, but has now decided that he wants to have access to the child and start to build a relationship now he is older,” the woman wrote of her friend’s predicament.

“My friend doesn’t trust him, doesn’t like him and is deeply hurt over all the things she has had to go through alone because of his previous lack of involvement and support.”

The dad’s sudden change of heart triggered a conversation between the women which ended in the division opinion he should have had the option to never enter the child’s life to begin with.

A woman holds her newborn baby girl after it was argued dads should be able to waive their parental rights.

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The poster’s friend was nervous about letting her baby’s father back into their lives.

“[Women] can choose whether to keep the baby, or go through an abortion or out the baby up for adoption. Thus ultimately ‘opting out’ of parenthood,” she began.

“A man in the same situation has no such right to opt-out of parenthood. He has to accept the woman’s decision and his life will be impacted by the woman’s decision.”

Their solution would take place ‘before the baby was one month old’ and see dads ‘not ever be able to seek any type of access, and not pay money’ towards their offspring’s upbringing.

Double standard

Although seemingly straightforward, the suggestion left mums divided with some calling it ‘disastrous for women’.

“Every irresponsible t**t who didn’t feel interested in his kid would opt out and there would be no prospect of the mother ever being supported,” one user quipped.

“If men don’t want children they can abstain from sex, use condoms or have a vasectomy.

“That is the point where they get to opt out. Once the baby is conceived they are on the hook for the (far less significant than for a woman) consequences of that.”