Weight Loss Diet: Kick-start Your Weight Loss Journey With This Protein-Rich Broccoli Soup

You must have heard that vegetable consumption is essential to ward off diseases and to stay healthy. While all of this stands out to be true, there’s one veggie that is quite versatile when it comes to providing health benefits, and hence, may also help you shed those extra kilos. We’re talking about broccoli. Broccoli comes packed with nutritional abundance and has the potential to keep the body up and running, thanks to the presence of calcium and protein that is present
in the veggie in huge amounts.

Broccoli has a distinct earthy taste of its own which is not liked by many people, especially kids. Well, no worries; you can now reap the umpteen benefits of this wonder veggie without compromising on the taste quotient. How, you ask? By turning it into a delectable, dense and healthy soup.


Broccoli comes packed with nutritional abundance

All you’ve got to do is cook the broccoli florets in boiling water and then blitz it through a food processor. All of this is hardly going to take 10 minutes and you have a wholesome and delicious soup ready. Season the soup with black pepper powder and you’re good to go.

Pro Tip:

  • While you are cooking the broccoli, don’t forget to season the boiling water with salt. Cook for about 4-5 minutes to make the broccoli florets soft and tender.
  • Preserve the broccoli stalk and use it in the soup as it has the flavour and nutrition of broccoli retained.

The recipe of protein-rich broccoli soup has been shared by Sahil Makhija, a popular YouTube chef and food vlogger with his own YouTube channel ‘Headbanger’s Kitchen’.