Weight Loss: 3 Protein-Rich Yet Comforting Soups To Cut Belly Fat

Weight loss calls for consistent efforts, both in terms of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and monitoring one’s workout schedule. If you are already on a weight loss mission incorporating healthy eating habits in your lifestyle, then we are here to help you by giving three protein-rich yet delicious soup recipes that can help you meet your weight loss goals to a considerable extent. You must have seen various health experts stressing on the importance of including protein in any weight loss diet. This is because protein has the potential to cut belly fat by keeping you satiated for a longer spell, further keeping those untimely hunger pangs at bay. Adding the goodness of protein in your soup would not only increase their nutritional count but also make them weight loss friendly.

Here is a list of 3-protein rich soups for weight loss:

Clear Chicken Soup

Chicken lovers, this one’s for you. Something as basic as a clear chicken soup could possibly go a long way in helping you shed those extra kilos. Why, you ask? All thanks to the presence of chicken in it that is a powerhouse of protein content. You may add in black pepper in the soup as seasoning as it would only contribute in boosting the body’s metabolism, which further assists weight loss.

Chana Soup

If you happen to be a vegetarian, who certainly cannot go for chicken soup, then here is a delectable option for you as well – Chana Soup. Pick the right nutrition for yourself and add this low-calorie yet protein-dense chana soup to your diet. You can have it in evening or also as part of your dinner.

Cottage Cheese And Spinach Soup

Another vegetarian delight that is protein-rich is cottage cheese and spinach soup. Spinach and cottage cheese both come loaded with health-benefiting properties. While preparing spinach soup, you can add in cottage cheese bits that can serve as croutons.

So what are you waiting for? Bring these delectable yet weight loss friendly soups to your rescue and sip them with all the comfort.

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