Image result for Teen Mom: 9 Times They Gave Great Parenting Advice (And 9 Times We Wondered What's Wrong With Them)It introduced us to Farrah Abraham, the Baltierras, and so many colorful cast members that gave us an idea of how teen parents struggle. We saw them fight hard for their children regardless of the obstacles ahead of them, though this sometimes meant fighting their own parents as well.

Even people who don’t watch the show have heard of the stars’ antics. Parenting and pop culture blogs consistently dissect the casts’ actions. But everyone knows enough about the nature of TV to figure out that not everything on the show is real.

Reality TV is edited to show us only certain scenes. Audiences are mostly familiar with the juiciest details from Teen Mom, but the show’s stars have shown us that not everything they do is wrong.

Though the parents on Teen Mom have made questionable parenting decisions, we’ve all learned from their misdeeds. We’ve dug up examples of times when the cast members of Teen Mom surprised their audience with surprisingly good decisions.