Sexual Hygiene Tips: The Key To A Healthy Sexual LifePeople usually feel lazy or sleepy after a sexual intercourse. But did you know? One of the most important prerequisites of a healthy sexual life is maintaining good sexual hygiene. Sexual health is often ignored by people. Poor sexual health can be highlighted in case of conditions like urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, blisters, irritation or fungal infections in genitals. In order to prevent any such discomforting medical conditions, it is extremely important to take good care of your sexual health, especially after an intercourse. This is also because the chances of catching an infection are high after sex. Developing healthy hygiene habits after sex is essential for keeping bacteria, germs and infections at bay. Here are some hygiene tips that will help in improving your sexual health. Keep reading…

Delhi-based gynecologist, Dr. Pushpa Chandra suggests some preventive measures which the couple should keep in mind:

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Urinate after sex: Delhi-based doctor, Pushpa Chandra further adds, ”A general thumb rule for a healthier sexual self would be urinating soon after intercourse. It will help you to naturally cleanse any bacteria that may come close to your urethra due to sex which may further move in and infect your kidneys.” Thus, it is essential to urinate before and after inter-course. In this way, you can protect yourself from a severe infection.

2. Clean yourself: After a long and pleasured sexual activity, it is a must to cleanse yourself with a toilet paper, tissue paper, soft cloth, warm wash cloth or a clean towel. This helps you stay and feel clean. Moreover, you dispose any chance of receiving an kind of infection after sex from your partner.

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3. Clean underclothes: It is extremely essential to wear fresh and clean underclothes. On other days as well, one should wear clean and fresh underclothes. Wearing the same underclothes for long periods of time can become a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause you both to spread infections to one another.

4. Use only sexual hygiene wipes to clean: Always remember that your skin and most importantly your sexual organs are much more sensitive than the skin of your hands and face. The gynecologist, Pushpa Chandra adds, ”It is never wise to use regular wipes to cleanse your sexual parts after sex. Always use sanitary wipes or sexual hygiene wipes that are now easily available in all medical stores to cleanse yourself after sex. Also, you should not rub the areas with cloth, instead clean it gently.” Also, start cleaning from the vulva and then move towards the anus, cleaning slowly and carefully as you go down.