The changes that take place in a woman’s body in terms of mental as well as physical changes are beyond our wildest dreams. This is why it becomes more important for a woman to take care of herself. Every pregnant woman must be aware of what to do, what not to do, what to eat and how to take care of herself. This journey is not only precious but also crucial. The health of the mother and the fetus are of primary concern during pregnancy.


Here is a list of things all pregnant women must avoid during pregnancy:

Avoid Caffeine

Don’t overdo it on caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic which increases blood pressure, heart rate and number of trips to the washroom. It crosses the placenta. Your baby cannot tolerate caffeine since the child’s metabolism is still developing. Caffeine might be soothing to you but affects your child.

Avoid Caffeine

Say NO to these foods

When it comes to pregnancy, diet is very important. You must know what to eat and what foods to avoid. Here is a list of foods you should not eat:

  • Lunch meat and deli salads
  • Soft cheeses
  • Fish high in mercury
  • Raw meat and fish
  • Raw eggs
  • Unpasteurized juice and dairy

Overheating, hot tubs and Saunas

It is relaxing and calming to sit in a hot tub to prevent pregnancy discomfort. However, researchers say that hot tubs, saunas and overheating can harm your child. They cause abnormally high temperatures which leads to congenital abnormalities.Activities like:

  • Hot yoga
  • Sunbathing
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme heat
  • Strenuous exercise


These activities lead to rise in body temperature which is harmful during pregnancy.

Avoid Alcohol

Wine, beer and liquor must be avoided at all costs. Alcohol passes quickly from the bloodstream through the placenta to your baby. This harms your baby’s developing brain and organs. It can also cause miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth and brain damage.

Do not sit or stand for too long

Avoid being in the same place for too long. It puts pressure on your ankles and veins. Move around at regular intervals. Take frequent breaks so your body is active and moving.

Do not sit or stand for too long

Choose Flats over Stilettos

You can go out in flats, shop around, meet friends and enjoy at a party, without alcohol obviously. Wearing heels can cause pressure on your posture causing you discomfort and increasing the chances of falling or stumbling down. So, choose flats over heels or stilettos for a while.

Say NO to Smoking

Smoking is the most terrible thing during pregnancy. There are so many chemicals in smoke which can lead to various problems like:

  • Premature delivery
  • Miscarriage
  • Low birth weight
  • Sudden infant death
  • Learning issues as your baby grows

Passive smoking or secondhand smoking is equally terrible during pregnancy.

Stay Away from Heavy Lifting

Pregnant women should avoid lifting heavy weights or heavy items like furniture, weights etc. This can increase the risk of:

  • Pulled muscles
  • Hernias
  • Preterm labor
  • Low birth weight