The road to pregnancy is quite a difficult one. You have to take care of a lot of things like your nourishment, iron and calcium pills, monthly tests to ensure the baby is growing fine, the hospital for delivery to name a few. But the first thing one has to deal with is when to tell others about the arrival of a new member in your life. Some people reveal it as soon as they get confirmation, while others keep it under wrap for a few months before making the big announcement. While the choice is entirely yours, there are a few things you can consider.
The first thing you should know is that there is no right or wrong time to announce your pregnancy. You can either reveal about it one-person at a time or can share the good news together at some gathering. You can also choose to inform your parents and close friends first and maybe your colleagues or boss a little late. This will give you some time to adjust with this life-changing news.
The reasons to announce in the first week or keep it a secret until the second trimester depends on the following reasons:

Not everyone is a good secret keeper, they reveal the good news as soon as the pregnancy test kit shows two pink lines. But there are other reasons why some people announce it early.

IVF babies
When you are planning an IVF baby, people close to you mostly know about it due to your frequent visit to the hospitals. In such a case, people announce it sooner as everyone is desperate to know about the progress.

Extreme morning sickness
Some women experience extreme early morning sickness when they are expecting. Along with the physical burden, the emotional strain of not sharing the news can be quite stressful. By sharing this news you will be able to get some support and comfort from your family and friends, which is necessary at this time.

Post miscarriage
Getting pregnant after a miscarriage is an emotional issue and some couples want support from their loved ones. This makes them reveal this big news early.

Travel schedule
To avoid travelling during the time of pregnancy, some couple reveals about it in the first week itself.

Your profession
You may also want to tell your employer about your pregnancy as you get to know about it if your job requires you to travel a lot and invest yourself physically in it, which might be dangerous for the baby.

A few people do not spill the beans before the first trimester. Their reasons differ from the early announcers.

Miscarriage rate
Miscarriage chances in women drop by 1 to 5 percent after three months and so people prefer to share the good news at this time. Couples are more confident and comfortable during this phase.

Prenatal testing
Another reason to wait until the second trimester is to determine if there is any complication in the pregnancy and it needs to be terminated. People considering termination due to genetic defects may prefer to wait for the ultrasound results.

There are also some people who wait till the second trimester, until the physical signs are visible to everyone because they don’t want to deal with undesired advice or criticism.

What should you do?
In the end, you have to make a decision about this. You can tell your friends and family right away and wait for a few months before revealing about it to others.

You can ask yourself these questions before making any decision:

-Do you have a high-risk pregnancy or other things that can lead to miscarriage?

-Are you comfortable about sharing the news with others?

-Do you want the support of your friends and family?