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Couples are now signing baby-nup contracts to divide parenting chores. (Source: Getty Images)

Not just prenuptial agreement, some couples now are also signing what is known as ‘baby-nup’ contracts to divide their childcare responsibilities equally.

The trend, which is gradually picking up in parts of the world, involves signing of a contract between parents to split chores fairly before the child is born. The contract can reportedly cover everything from disciplining approaches to education plans. Parents can also make custody arrangements in case the relationship goes south.

The contracts, however, are reportedly not legally binding and so, some social media users, fuelled by a recent US magazine article, are divided over its relevance and efficacy.

Matt Lundquist, an NYC based psychotherapist, justifying the baby-nup agreement, was quoted by the magazine saying, “Childcare is an area where couples often make assumptions based on how they were raised or even an interpretation of things their partner has said or inferences based on a sense of who their partner is. A plan such as this-a contract-allows the opportunity to test those assumptions, to make them clear and bring attention sooner (pre-baby) to what might live in conflict.”

Some social media users, however, pointed out that childcare duties were anyway the responsibility of both the parents. Others were of the opinion that couples should rather not have a baby if they treat parenting as a “business deal”.

Take a look at what netizens have to say about a baby-nup: