Forget Surgery, These Home Remedies For Piles And Hemorrhoids By Luke Coutinho Will Help You Provide Instant Relief

Piles and hemorrhoids are merely symptoms of poor gut health. They must be dealt with natural ways before opting for surgery, believes lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. As part of a live session on Facebook, he talks about how only a few people need surgery in case of piles and hemorrhoids. Both these conditions can be reversed by bringing improvement in your lifestyle. Piles and hemorrhoids are conditions which result in swelling in the inside and around the internal part of anus.

It is a common problem in people suffering from constipation, the ones who are obese or have a large abdomen, and even among pregnant women. Excessive pressure on the abdomen can increase risks of piles and hemorrhoids.

Common symptoms of piles include pain, blood in stools, itching and lumps in the anus to name a very few.

Natural ways to deal with piles and hemorrhoids

A diet which lacks fibre and a diet which is extremely rich in fibre can both increase risks of piles and hemorrhoids. Living a sedentary lifestyle, not being physically active, lack of exercise can increase risks of constipation and further worsen piles.

1. Eating a light dinner can be helpful in dealing with piles and hemorrhoids. You can either opt for light meals or choose to have heavier meals for dinner, but only a little earlier than your bed time. Avoid dinners with lots of deep fried foods or oily foods. Such foods have the tendency to slow down blood flow to your colon. Eating spicy food at night can be harmful for people with weak colons and constipation issues.

2. Increase intake of fibre and water intake. While increased water intake helps in formation of bulk of stools and helps smooth flow through the colon, fibre works through a mechanical process in the body that helps in formation of bulk of stools.


Maintaining an active lifestyle can help in dealing with piles and hemorrhoids
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3. Triphala can help in dealing with piles and hemorrhoids naturally. It can be easily found in the market and can help in reducing constipation.

4. Castor oil is another effective remedy for these conditions. As little as 5 ml of castor oil in a glass of milk at night can help in ensuring smooth bowel movement in the morning. Castor oil can also be externally applied in the anus for relief from swelling in the region.

5. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, flaxseeds, overnight soaked raisins and prunes are all instances of foods rich in fibre. Including them in your diet can help you get relief from piles.

More importantly, people with symptoms of piles should prefer cleaning with water to toilet paper, as the latter is likely to cause irritation and abrasion in the anus.