Coffee For Weight Loss: Does Drinking Coffee Help Shed Extra Kilos? Here's The Answer

Ask any coffee lover and they will tell you how drinking a cup of hot piping coffee is important for them to kick-start their mornings. It is almost impossible for coffee lovers to keep themselves happy with any other alternative. Some fancy black coffee in the morning while some prefer drinking green coffee before their meals. Some even go to the extent of pairing their beloved coffee with a range of snacks and desserts. As per various studies and journals, drinking coffee regularly may promote good health. Many health experts and nutritionists have always emphasised on the benefits of drinking black coffee and green coffee, but in moderation. But, did you know that drinking coffee may help you lose weight? Interesting, right? Yes, coffee is known to help you shed those extra kilos and can be added to your weight loss diet.

Adding milk and sugar to your coffee will, of course, reverse the action; meaning it may encourage weight gain, while sipping plain black coffee will not as it has fewer calories. If the findings of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, are to be believed, including caffeine in your diet may help accelerate the pace of your weight loss programme. How, you ask? It is mainly because caffeine is known to increase body’s metabolism, which further helps to burn more calories.

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Caffeine in your diet may help accelerate the pace of your weight loss programme.

In fact, it’s not just black coffee that helps lose weight – drinking green coffee also helps in burning calories. Moreover, it helps decrease the absorption of sugar in our small intestines, meaning less sugar is available to be stored as fat and more calories are burnt, resulting in weight loss.

So, if you are someone who is watching their weight and want to avoid bingeing on unwanted calories, all you have to do is to sip some green or black coffee without sugar or artificial sweeteners before hitting the gym.